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Social Media, Retail and Sales Services for the Cannabis Industry

Ever Higher is a full spectrum brand management and sales services organization that offers comprehensive social media management and retail and sales services to the Nevada cannabis industry. Our background in cannabis business, cannabis regulatory frameworks, as well as branding, social media, and sales allow us to provide our clients an integrated branding approach that combines social and sales efforts seamlessly.

We offer a compelling set of branding services at competitive prices with one goal: to bring professional customer service to our clients that drives revenue and brand recognition.

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Our Mission

Ever Higher’s mission is to provide world-class customer service, not just to our clients but also to our clients’ customers and consumer base. Consumers want a great experience, and providing that head and shoulders above your competition is what will set you and your brand apart.

We’re living in the historic era of the end of cannabis prohibition. Soon, big fish will swallow the smaller ones, and the success of your brand and quality of your exit will depend on how well you’ve differentiated yourself from the rest. Do you have a loyal customer base? A dedicated following on social platforms? Market saturation in your target jurisdictions? Ever Higher can help you achieve these goals.

We get things done. We’re efficient, professional, and collaborative. We view our clients as partners, mutually invested in one another’s success. Together, we can bring your brand to the peak of brand recognition. Together, we will take your brand ever higher.


Autumn Davidson, President, and Founder 

As Executive Assistant to the President of Electrum Partners, Leslie Bocskor, she received a unique education in the cannabis industry, cannabis business, and the ever-changing regulatory frameworks that encompass the industry. Searching for more, Autumn pursued a position at Altitude Products as a brand manager. She worked her way up through the ranks quickly to Director of Retail, where she gained extensive experience in cannabis branding and social media, retail events, sales, and product development. Now, as the President of Ever Higher Brand Management, she brings together this knowledge and experience to provide world-class customer service to her clients.

Autumn has been a cannabis patient for many years and believes in the plant’s medicinal value. She believes that advocacy continues to be a critical component of the legalization of cannabis, and has made normalization and advocacy integral to Ever Higher’s mission.

Autumn has a history of success in fast-paced environments, and the tenacity to do what it takes to get the job done. She is a dedicated and focused partner to her clients and projects, a critical thinker, and a problem-solving wizard with a propensity for thinking outside the box. All of this, combined with her passion for service, drives her ever higher.